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Warrior [a poem]

Amy Bellgardt

She’s a warrior under her dress,

She’s a warrior, in spite of her mess,

She’s a warrior, master of love and charm,

She’s a warrior, even when she receives harm,

Warrior Woman, today,

Warrior Woman, tonight,

Warrior Woman until the next fight.

a poem by me

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  • Reply Jenn June 26, 2022 at 6:27 am

    Hi Amy, I am also a poet, and seriously appreciate your take on us “wounded” women as truly being warriors; because we truly are. As poets who are blessed with the gift of powerfully communicating both our trials and tribulations in life; it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that we honestly share our experience, strength, and hope with other women and girls to help empower & prepare them for this (sadly still) brutal, sexist, misogynistic, unequal, & oppressive patriarchal society✌️

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