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The Power of Rejection

The Power of Rejection

The power of rejection can stop us dead in our tracks. We’ll avoid conversations, connections, and experiences from fear of rejection. ⁣

So we deal with *potential* rejection by stuffing feelings, pleasing people, pulling back from growth, overextending, complaining incessantly, and and and…⁣

…then we SNAP. And move straight into isolation, withdrawal, pushing, quitting, escaping, and EXPLODING. ⁣

And once we’re done with that whole cycle, we start it all over again. And again. AND WAY TOO MANY TIMES AFTER THAT. ⁣

But is there *really* a way to protect ourselves from rejection? Even when we think we are? ⁣

In the end, fear of rejection results in us playing small. And searching for an unsearchable answer. And living a complacent life. It’s moving with no purpose behind the movement. And what is even the point of no purpose in this super short life?⁣

BE BRAVE. Speak the WHOLE truth. Stand up tall. Leap high. Ask questions. Love hard. Be so curious that you get on people’s nerves.⁣

You *will* feel like barfing. ⁣

You *will* fail.⁣

You *will* be rejected. ⁣

But you will be rewarded with a flow of joy, love, and fulfillment that far exceeds fear. And the more you do it, the greater it becomes. And, in time, rejection doesn’t seem so big anymore.⁣

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