Too Good to Be True

Too Good to Be True

I accepted a dream gig on Monday, but wouldn’t allow myself to feel joy. ⁣

My head was all, “YES GIRL YES” while my heart was all, “We’re not celebrating this because ⁣

A. we’re hurting right now. ⁣

B. we haven’t earned it.⁣

C. it sounds too good to be true.” ⁣

I especially hate C. With a PASSION hate C.⁣

“Too good to be true.” WTF. Is. That.⁣

That’s a mental spiral waiting to happen. And always a set-up for the predictable follow-up spiral: “I knew it was too good to be true!”⁣

But we already knew “it was too good to be true,” didn’t we? We wanted to protect ourselves from potential pain or failure by creating the outcome before there even was an outcome and, better yet, WE CALLED IT! We’re so badass!⁣

Eff. That. Noise.⁣

Maybe it’s good because it’s actually good. ⁣

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