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Why the Decade of Our 40s is So Important

Why is the decade of our 40s so important?

Why the Decade of Our 40s is Important

Perhaps it’s the journey of how we want to play out the second half of our life. A season of being so tired of the patterns that didn’t work and the deep desire to add purpose and love back to our trajectory.

It’s also a decade where we can easily get stuck and jaded. It’s safe to be stuck and jaded because we can hide. We can blame. We can be bitter and mad. We can isolate ourselves to avoid another 40 years of pain. But isn’t that strategy MORE painful than the alternative? HINT: It is.

We have learned and experienced so much by now. Let’s take that knowledge, whether traumatic or joyous and put it to good use. Let’s LIVE out this life NOW. Not when we get XYZ first. Not when XYZ happens. Not when XYZ changes. NOW.

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