Why an Emotional Detox is Important for Self-Care

I’ve spent the last few weeks doing an emotional detox, in an attempt to practice self-care for my mental and physical health, by spending time with myself and my family. It’s been a much-needed slow state of deep reflection, renewal, and rest.⁣

Why Emotional Detox is Important for Self-Care

⁣I woke up this morning with both boys asleep, coffee brewing, and music playing through a quiet house. It felt both light and full. Balanced. And absolutely perfect.

2019 has been a year of being led to my path instead of plowing a road. This is difficult to practice daily, especially for a personality that feels so deeply and can be easily sidetracked by helping and healing others. Of course, this will always be a part of my work because I believe, to some extent, that is my purpose on this planet. What is important to learn is how to balance this purpose with boundaries, self-renewal, priority setting, and compassion. That is the biggest work I’m practicing right now.⁣

Why Emotional Detox is Important for Self-Care

I’m listening to my surroundings and experiences for guidance. Watching my own patterns and habits objectively, so I know what to take ownership in, how I participate, and then how to course correct. This takes a lot of courage and bravery, so I’m digging deep.⁣

I watched Brené Brown‘s Netflix special last night on Courage:⁣

We create stories in our head when we’re experiencing pain or rejection. Then we prepare our responses based on the story we created in our heads that is almost always not at all accurate.⁣

Be the first one to say “I love you.” And with no attachments to the reaction of the other. You’re simply being vulnerable and true if you really love someone.⁣

Do not offload your shit onto others. Or let others offload your shit on you. Healthy relationships will always have an ebb and flow of one leaning in more than the other, and that beautiful.⁣

Being in the arena. Getting your ass kicked (and feeling like you want to barf) as you live in vulnerability and bravery.⁣

Why Emotional Detox is Important for Self-Care

All of this to say…this work is hard. But healing and life-giving and joyful.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. Develop a care routine because it’s damn important for mental health.

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