Love; It Will Not Betray You

Mumford and Sons have spoken to my soul for a long time now. The lyrical beauty of their words often leaves me in tears. The good kind of tears, though. Like a tear language that only your heart knows how to speak.

It doesn’t matter how many times I listen to the same songs, the feelings are the same.

Mumford and Sons Love Quote

There are many lyrics that I want to share with you from various Mumford and Sons songs, but this one…this one is my very favorite. It’s about love, but not the cliche type of love song. You know mama is deeper than that. Continue Reading


The Art of Tidying Up Negative Energy: Bedroom Closet

read hallway project

I’ve been dreading this post.

Because this particular section of my “The Art of Tidying Up Negative Energy” project, tackling the master bedroom closet, was not fun at all. AT. ALL.

The Art of Tidying Up Negative Energy: Bedroom Closet

Not only was it full of clutter, dirt, and useless items, but it was chockfull of old memories. Memories I didn’t anticipate seeing or feeling. Memories that were healthy for me to experience again, but very, very difficult to see and remember.

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What I Don’t Want in My 40s

Today is my birthday. 43.

What I Don't Want in My 40s

It doesn’t feel like a birthday, really, and I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps it’s the low-key manner that I’m treating it like. Perhaps it’s because it’s my first birthday since my separation. Whatever the reason, I’m not necessarily excited or upset about it. I suppose I’ll take that as a win.

It did, however, make sense to write something today, though it took me a couple of hours to figure out what that something was.

I have a plethora of stories and experiences that I plan on sharing here and sometimes I get overwhelmed by the list in my head.

But, I took a breath and decided to focus on a single thought that I’m pondering today. Continue Reading

Inspiration, Poetry

Warrior [a poem]

Warrior [a poem]

She’s a warrior under her dress,

She’s a warrior, in spite of her mess,

She’s a warrior, master of love and charm,

She’s a warrior, even when she receives harm,

Warrior Woman, today,

Warrior Woman, tonight,

Warrior Woman until the next fight.

a poem by me


I Bought a Smart Garden

A few months ago, I talked to my family about possibly starting a potted salsa garden (peppers, tomatoes, salsa things).

I really loved the idea of my kids and I creating new life from simple seeds, watching them grow, feasting on the literal fruits of our labor, and adding to my home project of positivity.

Plus, fresh salsa. 🍅

Sounds fun, right?

Well, it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I actually started researching it seriously.

And I got SO OVERWHELMED. It was just too much to take on in my life right now. I know that sounds dramatic, but I gotta be honest.

So…then I thought, “You know what, maybe I should start with a herb garden first.”

And it was only natural that I immediately hopped on Amazon to find something. Because it is known that Amazon has everything.

And I was right. They had many options for herb gardens. But, this thing I saw? THIS THING I HAD TO HAVE.

I Bought a Smart Garden

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