Over 40 Outfit: Shaggy Yarn Coat + Tunic + Boots

There is a myth that you’re supposed to dress down when you’re over 40, or when you’re a mom, or when you’re a particular size, or when you’re a woman, or FILL IN THE BLANK. This myth tells us that we cannot freely express ourselves externally based on “rules” that someone, somewhere decided based on their own insecurities and self-doubt. I challenge you to change your views on external expression, because it’s okay to be seen. Not seen to impress anyone, or to garner acceptance, but because your creative and beautiful self shines inside and out.

Today’s outfit: gauze tunic dress and shaggy yarn jacket from Three Bird Nest, zipper ankle boots from Free People, tights from Target, earrings from Out on a Limb.

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Goodbye, Limbo.

Goodbye, Limbo.

Limbo. It’s the word that keeps popping in my head today. Because I’ve been in a state of limbo and survival for a year now. And a year is quite enough time to mark these feelings off of my internal task list forever.

My capacity to create and love has been limited because of this limbo, and when I’m not creating and loving I’m suffering. And my light becomes so, so dim. And when I’m dark, I’m suffering, too.

So, goodbye, limbo. Hello, bright eyes.